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After hours Service calls
​Custom System design
At Islander BChoice Heat N Air, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are factory trained, professional, courteous and efficient to help make your comfort our first priority.
We do have after hours service for those time when waiting is just simply not an option. We do offer this to all areas served. there will be an additional charge for this service (The after hours service includes weekends and holidays).
Since not all homes are the same, so is the fact that not all systems will be the same. Thats why we use the latest in technology to design your Heating & Air Conditioning system according home and your comfort needs.
​Duct System Design
​All heating and air systems have a specific need for air. to assure that your system is getting all of the air it needs to deliver to you the best efficiency possible, we use several different means to calculate the air flow to match the manufactures requirments. Since I.B.C. installs the best equipment on the market, we think it is only right for us to use the best materials as well. We use all metal supply and return plenums along with all metal supply boots, wyes and collars.
​System Performance Inspection
We offer a multi level complete and comprhensive inspection of both your heating and air conditioning systems to assess that all of the components are in good working order so to help assure that your system will not let you down when you need it the most. We also do pre purchase inspections so that you will know that there are no hidden problems that may arise after the sale.
Load Calculations
Houses change with time as you update and remodel along the way and because of this the size of equipment need does too. We here at Islander BChoice Heat N Air prepare a complete load anylaisis using the very best software the industry has to offer on every new system that we install. This gives you the comfort in knowing you didn't just buy some boxes, but you have purchased  not only the right sized unit, but also the correct duct work to deliver the proper air flow for your homes need by todays standards.
We Service all Makes and Models
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